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Building a Generation of Engaged
Global Citizens and Leaders

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What is Model UN?

Model United Nations (Model UN) engages young people in an exploration of current global issues through interactive simulations. It cultivates literacy and leadership as students research complex topics such as sustainable development, peace and security, climate change, global health, and human rights.

Model UN develops a collaborative approach to solving problems.  ​Delegates debate international issues, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, prepare resolutions, and navigate rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing cooperation to solve problems and effect change.

Dynamic Learning

Through Model UN, students develop informed perspectives on a wide range of issues affecting communities worldwide. They become changemakers - interested in civic engagement, decision making, and actions to advance solutions for the greater good.  Model UN helps students:

Become expert researchers related to global and local communities, interest groups, and policies;


Improve news literacy and build analytic skills to separate facts versus opinions with reliable sources; 


Develop life and leadership skills: communication, negotiation, consensus building, public-speaking, writing, and debate;


Learn to respect contrasting views and cultures;

Identify international, national, and local community development strategies.


Miami Dade Model UN, MDC North Campus 


Miami Dade Model UN (MDMUN)  and Pinellas County Model UN (PCMUN) are collaborations with two of our Nation's largest public school districts. 


Annually, nearly 2,000 middle and high school delegates gather at Miami Dade College, University of Miami, and St. Petersburg College for events led by students from their respective Model UN teams.


Miami Dade Model UN, MDC North Campus, 2023


Model UN meets Common Core and Sunshine State Standards for Social Studies, History, and English Language Arts.  It integrates the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies Standards. 

Our online resources and workshops can help bring Model into the classroom or help you prepare for a conference. 

Foundations For Leadership

Established in 2013, Foundations for Leadership is broadening the Model UN community by working with educational institutions and partners to provide classroom resources, teacher professional development, and local Model UN conferences. 

For decades, Model UN has thrived in highly selective schools and universities – institutions with resources to match a strong interest.  We believe all students, regardless of means or background, should have access to programs that enrich them academically, as future professionals, and as global citizens. We care deeply about projects that build empathy, diplomacy, and a mindset for bringing people together.   ​

Foundations for Leadership engages more than 2,500 students and teachers annually in classrooms, conferences, and workshops thanks to partners and a dedicated team of college volunteers.  

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